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Welcome to OTS Witney

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We offer the widest range of psychological therapy options to meet many differing needs.
OTS-Witney Therapy Centre is part of OTS-Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development. Depending on what you are looking for, you may open a page in your browser for our main OTS site, which also links with our sister site - OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre.

The following links will guide you quickly through the options. Each link will give you further options so you can get to what you want quickly. You can always come back to the top of this 'Home' page to consider other options.

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Counselling & Therapy Options

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One-to-one                    Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Assistance in finding the right person or option

To refer you to the right therapist or group for you, the best option is an initial assessment & referral session. Alternatively, if you feel you do not need an assessment & referral session, and would prefer a short referral call on the phone, please let us know convenient dates and times when we can call you. A call might be sufficient if you are only looking for a few sessions of counselling; or if you already have a pretty clear idea of the type of counsellor/therapist and approach you are looking for (usually based on your previous experience).

Assessment and Referral Appointments

The purpose of this session is to help you find the right therapist and approach to therapy for you.
  • we will have the opportunity to discuss what made you look for counselling/therapy at this point, so we can understand what you need and want from therapy.
  • we can explore together the background and history of your issues, your aims and objectives for counselling/therapy, your current life situation and how counselling/therapy would fit into it.
  • we will also take into account any previous experience you have of different types of psychological help, as that will help us get an idea what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • we can then decide together what the options are and what the best way forward is. If 1-1 work is indeed the best option, we can find someone who will fit your needs and requirements and works well with you.

    Finding the right therapist to fit with you and what you are wanting to achieve in counselling/therapy is the most important factor that determines how beneficial the process might be.

    Your Appointment

    An initial assessment & referral appointment takes about one hour.
    Let us know if you would like to arrange an appointment, and details of your availability.
    The fee for this appointment is from a minimum of £45 - £80 (£60 - £80 for couples). The fee you pay will be the maximum of whatever (per session) limit you give us to help you find your therapist. This is to allow people that need to to access the low-cost OTS service. You can find information on the cost of sessions in the next section.

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  • How quickly will I be seen?

    At present we can usually see you for an assessment within a week. There may need to be a wait before a suitable practitioner is available however. We try to keep this wait as short as possible, but it all depends on several factors:

  • how much availability you have
  • whether you need male or female practitioner
  • what you can afford (different practitioners charge different fees)
  • whether you are restricted to seeing someone in Witney at the centre.

  • Fees for Sessions

    Low-Cost Service Fees

    Fees for this service are in the range of £20-£45 per session. This service is staffed by trainees in supervision with us, newly qualified practitioners building their practices and occasionally by experienced practitioners with a lower fee place available.

    Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy Fees

    This is dependant on the practitioner. In Oxfordshire the average cost of therapy with an experienced practitioner is around £55 per session, and the range is generally from £45 - £90 per session.

    Couples Therapy Fees

    Couples Therapy is generally charged at a higher rate than individual sessions, from £60 - £90 per hour session.

    Group Therapy

    Group therapy is currently charged on a sliding scale from £20 - £45 per session. A session last for up to 2 1/2 hours.

    Low-Cost Options

    There are two main low-cost options:

    Group Therapy
    For many people this is as effective as individual therapy. Once you have gotten over the initial anxiety (common for most people) you will realise how effective and supportive it can be. You can read more about group therapy here on the main OTS website.

    Low-cost Service
    This service is mainly staffed by trainees on placement with us. The fees for this service help them to cover the cost of room rental and supervision. Toward the higher end of this scale, there can be places available with newly qualified practitioners who are still building the practice, as well as experienced professionals who offer some low cost work. Demand for this service can be high, and there may be a wait depending on factors explained here .

    Couples Therapy / Counselling

    If couples therapy, is to be of use to you, it often requires some time, commitment and cost, so it is important to find the right person. Exploring if couples therapy is the right course for you to take, and who you might work well with are the main purposes of an initial assessment.

    In finding you the right person, there are many things to consider. Practicalities such as your availability and personal affordability need to be established, as well as whether you are prepared to travel for the right therapist, who may or may not be at the OTS-Witney Therapy Centre.

    All people (and couples) are different, and the relationship you have with your counsellor is seen by most as the most important element in achieving a successful outcome. Different practitioners work in different ways, and have different personalities. These differences can be important in working with you as individuals. So whilst an expert car mechanic might be able to work with many different cars, it is not the same with counselling.

    Additionally, some couples can often benefit from working on their own for a while before starting couples therapy, and an assessment can explore this also.

    The assessment appointment will take about one hour, and is charged at £55 payable by cash or cheque. Couples therapy is generally charged at between £60 and £90 per one-hour session depending on the practitioner, and is generally either weekly or fortnightly. If it is fortnightly it often arrange for a 90 minute session to allow more space. Individual therapy is available from £20.

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    Family Therapy

    Currently, most family therapists work within the NHS, so you maybe able to get a referral through your GP. We maybe able to offer family therapy if all members are over 18. Please feel free to enquire.

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    Therapy For Children

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    Therapists & Practitioners

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    Reasons why people contact us

    People want to find a counsellor or a psychotherapist for many different reasons. Some want help with specific emotional problems such as depression, loneliness or anxiety, or they may wish to generally feel more alive. Some may have difficulty coming to terms with a traumatic or painful personal history. Others may feel stuck in recurring patterns that prevent them from feeling fulfilled, from connecting with others, or from finding meaning in their lives.
    Sometimes people wish to find a counsellor or a therapist for help during a crisis, such as the end of a relationship, bereavement, divorce, redundancy resulting in loss of direction in life or other traumatic event such as rape, abortion or miscarriage.

    Many of our clients tell us they contacted the OTS-Witney Therapy Centre in order to:

  • Talk things over in a safe and private environment
  • Improve their personal and professional relationships
  • Find release from emotional and painful symptoms
  • Have more control and choice in their life
  • Change old ways of coping that haven’t worked
  • Gain deeper understanding of behaviours and feelings
  • End self-destructive patterns of behaviour
  • Resolve symptoms of trauma
  • Feel more pleasure and vitality

  • About the OTS-Witney Therapy Centre

    The OTS-Witney Therapy Centre opened in 2004 to provide beautiful low-cost therapy room hire in Witney for psychotherapists, counsellors and complementary therapists, and to provide a range of counselling and psychotherapy services to the general public. We ensure all practitioners are fully qualified and insured.

    Our Therapy Centre is in central Witney, just around the corner from the main bus stops at the top of the High Street. So we are well placed for people travelling from Abingdon, Burford, Bampton, Carterton, Eynsham, Faringdon, Oxford, Wantage and other surrounding towns and villages.

    If you want assistance with the huge range of therapy options - approaches and types that are available, please feel free to call Justin Smith on 07977 126330, or email him here.