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Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development Network: 1-to-1 Counselling & Psychotherapy - Group Therapy & Workshops in Oxford and Witney

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What OTS Offers Practitioners

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"There are many more ways of addressing the psychological challenges of life than the
average person knows about – OTS aims to make that accumulated richness of
human understanding and wisdom available to everybody seeking help."

Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development was set up by Justin Smith, Annalisa Caldon & Michael Soth to develop a more accessible and comprehensive first port of call for therapeutic support as well as to raise the profile of, and grow interest in the work of therapists counsellors and other professional working in the therapeutic, psychological and developmental professions. Anyone unsure about the bewildering multitude of psychological therapies and personal development activities available in the area will find unbiased information, assessment and referral as well as educational events at OTS to help them clarify their needs.

Offering a range of referral routes and therapeutic options which can be tailored to an individual in terms of approach, intensity, frequency, cost and other factors, OTS will provide the one-stop solution for therapy in the region. From free educational events to workshops and ongoing regular groups, from low-cost individual and group therapy to in-depth psychotherapy & counselling, from short-term to long-term therapy within a wide variety of therapeutic orientations, OTS is developing the network and resources to meet clients’ differing needs.

You can see the range of services offered through OTS on the Oxfordshire Therapy & Self-Development website.


We are interested to hear from practitioners from all areas of psychological work who feel inspired by this vision and interested in the open culture of professional development which we are offering, and we invite applications from interested professionals. We also welcome enquiries from any therapists in training who may be interested in the new placement opportunity which will form part of OTS.

1-to-1 Counselling & Psychotherapy - Group Therapy & Workshops - Low-cost therapy in Oxford and Witney

When people first discovered that cleaning your teeth brings with it lots of benefits like longer lasting teeth, a nicer smile and healthier gums, it took off as something most of us now do regularly. This is how we take care of our teeth. But how do we take of our emotional intelligence and wellbeing? How do we take care of that? Doing things to support our experience as human beings in living our lives more effectively, easily, and happily has not yet become as normal as cleaning our teeth. Partly because other than seeing a counsellor or therapist when life becomes really difficult, most people don’t know what is available. This is partly why OTS has been set up.

Most people look for some form of counselling or psychotherapy when something goes wrong in life, a crisis, or a desire for life to be better in some way; so, many people now know about the existence and value of psychotherapy and counselling. There are two things however, that people don’t really know about or understand: one is the confusing range of different types of counselling and therapy out there; and secondly, that there are many other avenues which can support and enhance what is for all of us quite a challenge – how to do life well!

Workshops and groups aren’t as mainstream as individual counselling and psychotherapy, but they are often more cost effective for those on lower incomes. They can also be very useful alongside and as an additional support for already having individual counselling or therapy. I will say more about this later on, but firstly I would like to tell you about OTS.

What is OTS?
OTS are building a network and community of excellence - professionals who can offer a broad range of services to both members of the public, and fellow professionals. We currently offer a number of groups and workshops on @06, and as the organisation develops so the range of services we will be offering will grow, to include:

A Low-Cost Therapy & Counselling (in Witney and Oxford) Service:
There are many people who can’t realistically afford the typical cost of individual therapy sessions. If group therapy is not appropriate, we can offer low-cost therapy with trainees (who are in regular supervision with us) or with newly qualified practitioners from £20 per session.

An Assessment & Referral Service: For if you’re not sure of-

  • which type and format of 1-1 therapy/counselling
  • which therapeutic approaches;
  • whether group or individual counselling/therapy;

    Workshops & Talks:
    We run workshops on a regular basis in the evenings and weekend mornings. Our newsletters will update you on new events as they are advertised. (You can sign up in the right hand column of this page) Educational & Experiential event topics include: Knowing yourself & being effective; Emotional literacy; Relationship difficulties & couples; Getting what you want out of life; Is counselling /Psychotherapy for me?; Why isn’t my therapy working? etc.

    Group Therapy in Oxfordshire (both ongoing and time-limited):
    Working with anxiety, depression, self esteem, parenting, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, addictions, abuse etc.; for some, group therapy can be a better, more productive and/or more affordable option than individual therapy.

    Support Groups:
    We will develop a hub of access to support groups - to help people who are off work with stress or depression to get back to work for example.

    We will be developing a range of additional resources which you can access via the website, be it links to other organizations, and recommended book lists broken down into subject areas to support you in life with whatever you are dealing with.

    Support, supervision and development groups: - for counsellors, therapists, life and business coaches and other helping professionals.

    So - that gives you an overview of what we are creating. You can keep up to date with the groups and workshops we will be offering by signing up to the quarterly OTS newsletter- the sign up box is on the right-hand side of this page.

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